Help bring FIRST Robotics Competition to Melbourne

Volunteering at a FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) event is a rich and rewarding experience. A typical competition day ebbs with highs and lows as students battle the inevitable ‘technical difficulties’ to get their robot on the field. The atmosphere is electric when students put their robot to the test and work with other teams to develop strategies to capitalise on the strengths of each robot. As a volunteer you help make this happen and become an integral part of the FRC community. Most positions require nothing more than a willingness to help-out, attending a safety briefing and a Working with Children Check!
To get an idea of what our event is like see MRT2022.

Event Details

    Dates: Friday 05 July to Sunday 07 July 2024 (Victorian School Winter Holiday)
    Location: Blackburn High School, 60 Springfield Road, Blackburn, Victoria 3130

Ready To Volunteer?

To volunteer for the Melbourne Robotics Tournament go to the FIRST Australia Volunteer Dashboard (for 'FIRST LEGO league or FIRST Tech Challenge events'). IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to use the 'FIRST Robotics Competition event' dashboard tor register for this event.

Need more information

For more detailed information about volunteering for FIRST Events in Australia see: Becoming a FIRST volunteer.
Contact us for more information or if you are having difficulty registering!

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